Postscriptum (PS) 1: The Making Of / Behind the Scenes Plus André Rieu


He inspires only a tiny group of Classical Music fans ... and yet these are thousands of people all over the world. But for you, for us, and for our Mission, it doesn't matter at the moment whether people reject him or want to watch and listen enthusiastically to his performance.

You don't like André Rieu at all? Not him, not his style, not his music, and especially not his "fun entertainment"? Well, André Rieu polarizes quite particularly! Thousands love him, but "real" and especially really conservative Classical Music enthusiasts – regardless of age – emphatically reject his performance. Accepted! These paragraphs here are the most serious on my whole website. My heartfelt request is: Just tolerate, with your certainly high level of general education, knowledge, and standard of living – all of which is certainly up there with the love of Classical Music – the fun of many people in the other, just popular interpretation of your musically favored musical genre. And yes, my wife and I meanwhile also belong to this group of people that Rieu excites so much. Plus, this is also true: Rieu does not only present music that I classify as Classical, Popular Classical, or Young Classical Music. That is only an estimated 60 to 70 percent of his entertainment. The "rest" are simply any popular songs, which – quite rightly, of course – are not wanted by you even in the neighborhood of Classical Music. These 30 to 40 percent of undemanding titles are also rejected by both of us.


Please generally consider – and that especially as a music teacher, but also as a pedagogue in all other "disciplines" – this website as a chance to promote joy in Classical Music. So our request – Renate's and mine – is to give your heart a nudge and do not only reject my way with this website because of our joy in Rieu.


In all seriousness, I believe that a love for Classical Music – that is Classic as you ( ! ) explicitly define it – can almost only work via a way like Rieu's performance or – alternatively – also with "more serious" presentation. Therefore, please also promote my approach with your tolerance. Children, young people, and beginners will then already compare Rieu's offer with more serious Classical Music and then find an intermediate way towards and into the group of those who find Classical Music ultimately beautiful, but Rieu just ultimately unappealing or ridiculous and consider his fun offer as much "too shallow" and think that it does not do justice to Classical Works of the highest artistic standard. André Rieu polarizes. Thank you.


The German James Last with his legendary "Happy Sound" was for conservative Classical Music fans in the 1960s, what Rieu is today ... for the same target group of. However, he as a composer and bandleader was not that much of an entertainer, and definitely no joker like Rieun. And the percentage of Classical Music in his repertoire was much lower than that of the Dutchman. But conservative Classical Music fans also rejected his music back then. I, however, would never have found my way to Popular Classical Music without his long-playing records, which my parents listened to from time to time. Please consider my website only as a "vehicle" to your legitimate view concerning Classical Music. Once again: thank you very much.




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