Eight Classical Music CD Recommendations From 250 CD/CD Box Offerings: One of Eight Options to Optimize Your Teaching With Music Backgrounds


The above are not the recommendations: The range of classical music CDs in Germany is completely confusing when you are looking for the perfect offers with popular classical music works for children and beginners. And I'm sure, it's the same in the USA, in Great Britain and all over the world. It's also especially difficult to make a decision when you can't test listen at all. That is what I did for you! And the CDs above ... are only 12 out of around 250 offers with some 300 CDs and around 5,000 titles! With the vast majority of providers without the option to test listen! With our partner music publisher ... however, this is possible!




With Your Purchase via the Link (... Respectively, “My Tip” ...) You Promote Our Mission Without Your Purchase Becoming More Expensive!


These following recommendations do not make your purchase more expensive because – first of all – we get the tiny commission on every purchase of each CD from you and – secondly – we do recommend you especially low-priced collections, including the three absolutely lowest-priced classical music CDs with a purchase price of only € 5.99 each. Plus the ones with the lowest price per "popular classical work". One last hint in this paragraph: Keep in mind, that it's not necessary that the cover states" for children". All popular music is as good for children as it is for beginners and adults! There are no classical works for children, and it doesn't matter anyway.


Sure, the shipping and handling fee for CDs bought in Germany is way higher, compared to ordering it from a dealer in the United States, Great Britain, or elsewhere, when you live there. Especially, if you order from Amazon and with Amazon Prime. On the other hand, in particular, if you don’t find exactly my suggested CDs anywhere in your country: These, my suggested CDs offer the very best value when it comes to the percentage of popular classic titles. Plus, it’s no surprise for you, what’s on the CD(s). The best is to reduce the pro-rata postage when you buy three or four real cheap CD offers and pay postage only once. And yes, you support our missions with a little commission. 


Some crucial hints, to profit from my CD research for you: 1) There's no need to speak English when you buy these CDs, as there is no narrated text. 2) The shipping seems to be hefty, but actually, it's not. 3) Compare your option to buy any classical music CD as a "cat in the bag": You don't really know whether the offer is more like serious, "heavy" classical music or whether it goes with my approach. 4) Compare "light popular classical hits" on the CD that competes with the US, British and more vendors with no S&H with my suggestion. 5) Lower the prize per musical piece, when you order more than one CD, which are by the way real cheap. 6) Keep in mind: I checked on the ratio between the classical music pieces and the popular ones. Keep also in mind, that I believe that you can spoil much by presenting the wrong titles to kids or beginners. 7) With our partner publishing house, you can almost test listen to all titles!


My Tip 30 * … 2 CDs … € 11,99 

35 works, 28 of them popular! Plus nice ones. Check it in your currency today with a click here!


My Tip 38 * … 1 CD … € 5,99 

15 works, 12 of them popular! Plus nice ones. Check it in your currency today with a click here!


My Tip 219 * … 5 CD … € 19,99

100 works, 71 of them popular! Plus nice ones. Check it in your currency today with a click here!


My Tip 220 * … 3 CDs … € 15,99

50 works, 34 of them popular! Plus nice ones. Check it in your currency today with a click here!


My Tip 222 * … 1 CD … € 5,99

19 works, 14 of them popular! Plus nice ones. Check it in your currency today with a click here!


My Tip 226 * … 2 CDs … € 9,99

45 works, 25 of them popular! Plus nice ones. Check it in your currency today with a click here!


My Tip 247 * … 1 CD … € 5,99

12 Works, 10 of them popular! Plus nice ones. Check it in your currency today with a click here!


My Tip 250 * … 10 CDs … € 13,99

170 works, 87 of them popular! Plus nice ones. Check it in your currency today with a click here!




The Approach Beyond the “Popular Classical”


You have then very likely decided to purchase the "Teaching Material Classical Music" if our attempt to approach the subject of classical music with particular care seems sensible and effective to you. For the most part, this is already achieved by not offering "just any" classical music acoustically, but a selected, popular one.


An essential factor – while spending as much time as possible on the subject – is to include popular classical works to listen to: also at home as part of the homework on exploring the author's "Classic Top 300". Enriching face-to-face lessons with music can "challenge" less digitally-savvy teachers. The material addresses this with this part 7. With this "Teaching Material Classical Music", you have several options. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to provide you with the most pleasant variant, namely to compile the perfect kaleidoscope of perfect musical works for you: It would be the perfect playlist. Copyright law, the German GEMA, and the legislator won't let me. But you are allowed ... in your classroom, with your class, but also not "a little bit more": events with parents, in the school gym, at the open day and so on ... for this you are not allowed to play classical music from such CDs ... not without permissions, not without fees, not without royalties to artists and publishers, not without reporting to the matching copyright agency in your country! However, that was no legal advice, as I am not permitted to give you legal advice. However, check on that here: Just read it in a minute or less. You have the following options including this possibility via the purchase of CDs:


1     You use my playlist "Popular Bach Works", ready to play and free!


2     You compile a playlist from my "Classical Top 300" via YouTube. Or ask your kids to do that.


3     You put together a playlist via "Amazon Prime".


4     You put together a playlist via "Spotify".


   You buy the songs via "Amazon Downloads".


6     You buy a CD / CD box and play one or more CDs via a CD player (... or a boombox).


7     You buy a CD / CD box and create a playlist yourself (... after the ripping).


8     You buy a CD / CD box and have a playlist created (... order the rip and delete the unwanted works *).


*     Remove all negative and / or beautiful / heavenly pieces on your ripped playlist before your presentation. "Negative" works are those that do not fit the philosophy of the teaching material, that is, those that are not popular classic.




Our Full Service, Like We Are Also “Underway” in Business


Renate Bach, owner of the publishing house, and Peter Bach, Jr. author and the publisher of the "Teaching Material Classical Music" have been working with presentation media for 40 years: half a century ago with "magnetic tape" and slides, today fully digital. Service plays the decisive role.


Today, the problem solution for teachers who are almost exclusively "underway analog" is our "ultimate" support to enrich your lessons also with listenable classical music. For this purpose, the author proposes eight out of 250 CD offers, which provide an optimal ratio between favorite (... popular), beautiful and wonderful melodies on the one hand and – in the sense of the "mission approach" – only very few "negative" classical music works.


Thus, one path leads from buying a CD or a collection of CDs and playing them in class, via creating your own digital playlist from these CDs, to suggesting six professional internet services that offer such transfers cheaply and easily.


In addition, you will also receive the information on the legality of playing these copyrighted melodies in class (... it depends on the current age of the "performers" (musicians), not on the age of the composers, most of whom are long dead. On the website of the National Association for Music Education "Copyright Law: What Music Teachers Need to Know" you can and must-read that your playing of music in lessons conforms with the law and the rules. It's just a minute of reading! Any other handling of such music, like handing it over (... to students, to colleagues and also to parents), playing it in front of people who are not part of your school class, in front of parents and at school-related events is not free of charge and free of contract. This is not legal advice, however. The bottom line is, you are responsible. I ask you for your understanding.


In addition, I recommend reducing the created playlist from a CD at least by the "negative" pieces. Optimally, teachers prepare school children for their life and later enjoyment of classical music by also deleting the beautiful works and the beautiful pieces – between the popular ones – in the playlist. Because the school and learning time, which should be enriched with listening to popular classical music, is scarce, and every beautiful work takes away the chance of a popular work to be remembered later. Popular works are also usually beautiful and gorgeous pieces anyway. With a short time of listening via the sample listening option at our partner music publisher, you will quickly recognize popular works yourself that are particularly suitable for your lessons.


Here are seven service providers who convert CDs to playlists (... we do not get a commission from these providers). Please check prices and conditions directly. The following companies are not recommendations, but only a research help). You can get to the websites of the providers directly via the links:




2     MusicShifter


3     Progressive Laboratories


4     dmp3digital


5     Sight+Sound Gallery


6     Classic Memories – CD Audio Ripping Service


7     Ready to Play

     "Software Testing Help" offers 7 software programs for your own ( ! ) digitizing (ripping)




Would You Have Found the Classical Music CDs Listed Above on Your Own?


But yes, of course! With a similarly large expenditure of time, as I, as the author of the teaching material. And ... you can't find them all with only one "keyword combination", not even with one of about 20 providers. Our heartfelt request: Visit our music partner publisher only via one of our websites. Because only in this way does the publisher recognize our "ID" – by the way, your connection to my publishing house will not be stored – and credits the small commission without making your purchase more expensive. Thank you!


Each of the following CDs and CD boxes can be test-listened and purchased via this link. However, watch out: If you research outside my recommendations above, double-check whether it comes with narrated German stories. 


Yes, indeed, these are probably the vast majority of classical music CDs available: Whereby some "Classical Music CDs for Children" and also "Classical Music for Babies" are equally exciting for classical music beginners. And some classical music CD that is not "declared" for children is perfectly suitable for kids of almost any age (... for babies to fall asleep there is an additional important criterion).



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